You’re at that stage in your life when you’ve gathered enough financial security through your life’s successes to consider giving back and benefiting your broader community. You yearn to leave a legacy now and into the future.

Individual & family giving

You want to make a difference in the world. You yearn to do your bit to make our beautiful world better. You are imbued with the values of compassion, humility and fairness. You seek to directly contribute to the work of those working on the ground to help vulnerable animals, habitats and people.

Corporate Giving

You operate a successful organisation with a big heart. You are driven not only by a desire for healthy bottom lines, but also by a yearning to better the world. You recognise the value of community, you respect the beautiful earth we share with others, and you yearn to do your bit in protecting vulnerable animals, places and people. For your organisation, contribution is no superficial public relations move, but rather a deep desire to give back to the world and your community.

Legacy & bequests

You’re at that stage in your life when you realise the importance of leaving a legacy. You wish to see your many years of hard work leave a positive impact on the world. You want to give back, to contribute, to make a difference. And you do this by leaving a bequest to the Demèter Legacy in your will.