A philosophy of healing

Demèter’s vision is imbued with the gentle Buddhist philosophy of kindness. Our ethos is to heal and not harm, respect the lives of all living beings and speak out for those who don’t have a voice. Demèter Legacy Fund is guided by the principles of compassion, wisdom and discernment.

We dream of a world where those without a voice are seen, heard, protected, and cherished. Demèter Legacy Fund provides financial support to those amazing, inspiring and courageous individuals, not-for-profits and non-government organisations that are on the ground working to make a difference. We exist 100% to fund community projects.

The fund is supported by profit-for-purpose businesses who donate 100% of their profits to Demèter Legacy Fund.

Demeter patrons envisage a society that uses business as a force for good. Demeter patrons are businesses comprised of a new type of company. These companies are purpose driven and create benefits for all, clients, community, employees and suppliers, as well as shareholders. To read more on these profit-for-purpose businesses please click on links below:

After these companies deduct all the costs involved in delivering great services and products to their clients, 100% of the profit is donated to the Demeter Legacy fund.

If you would like to become a corporate patron, click on the ‘Take Action’ button below.

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What are our goals?

Our aims are simple:

Dogs: Reduce the number of dogs that are euthanised, and cherish the impact dogs bring to our lives, our families and our society.

Animals and habitat: Protect vulnerable and endangered animals and their habitats, recognising that we all share this beautiful planet together.

Children and elderly: Deliver dignity, hope and joy to our vulnerable and disadvantaged children and elderly through local and international community programs.

How we help

Our team

We are driven by a deep personal desire to contribute, make an impact and leave a lasting legacy.

Our Volunteers

We gain deep satisfaction in volunteering our time and expertise towards helping those who don’t have a voice.