Demeter Legacy Grants

Grants for change

Thank you for all the amazing work you do on the ground, thank you for your tireless efforts to make the world a better place and thank you for registering for one of our community grants. We wish you all the best in your application. We, Demeter, patrons, clients and members support your often unseen and unheard dedication to man’s best friend, vulnerable animals and habitats and our children and elderly.

Demeter patrons envisage a society that uses business as a force for good. Demeter patrons are businesses comprised of a new type of company. These companies are purpose driven and create benefits for all, clients, community, employees and suppliers, as well as shareholders.

As patrons of change, we believe we must:

  • be the change we seek in the world;
  • that all business be conducted as if people, animals and the earth matters;
  • that through our services, products, practices and profits, businesses can aspire to do no harm and benefit all;
  • act with the understanding that our prosperity is dependent upon each other;
  • be responsible for each other and future generations.

Our Demeter Legacy grants program provides financial support to not-for-profit organisations that contribute to the wellbeing of man’s best friend, the protection of vulnerable animals and their habitat, and protecting our vulnerable communities in Australia and abroad.

If your organisation is interested to partner with us please click on the ‘Register Now’ button so that we can contact you when applications open 

Meet a past recipient

Meet one of our previous Demeter Legacy recipients, Shenton Park Dog Home.

At the Dogs’ Refuge Home in Shenton Park they love dogs and are committed to saving them. In fact they save hundreds of unwanted, neglected, abandoned and abused dogs every year. As a previous recipient of  Demeter funds the Shenton Park Dog Refuge, continue to be focused on reducing euthanasia, changing legislation directly related to protecting the rights of dogs and funding initiatives that increase sterilisation to reduce the number of unwanted and unplanned puppies.

If you would like to contribute to educating our younger generation on the important role that dogs play in our society, outlawing ill treatment, and stamping out unregistered breeding and puppy farming. You can donate directly to the Shenton Park Dog Refuge, become a member of the Demeter Legacy fund or a client of Demeter.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Build a world where those without a voice are seen, heard, protected and cherished – interested to know more? ›